What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent: How to Evaluate Your Real Estate Agent

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Choosing a realtor is not always an easy choice, that is unless you live in Southern Utah where Keller Williams Real Estate agents in St. George are prepared and ready to help you out! But for the rest of you who live in other parts of the country picking a realtor can be a rather arduous task. That’s why we are going to give 5 important things to look for in a realtor before signing them on as your agent. These things are really what makes a good real estate agent stand out from the others.

5 Standards to Evaluate Your Agent:

1. Licensed Full Time Agent

It is important to get a licensed professional which at least show that they have some credentials and are qualified to help you out. Getting an agent that is full time is also important because they are focused on helping you get what you want all the time. Full-time agents are not worried about another job and your wants and needs will not take a back burner.

2. Team Player

Find an agent that is a team player. When repairs need to be done an agent that is a team player will help you find a handyman to fix the problems. If you need help acquiring financing they are there to help you find the financing you need. Get a realtor that is there with you every step of the way!

3. Ask Around

Contact people that have used the agent you are looking at the past. They are an invaluable tool in helping you evaluate a potential relator. If you are not able to consult with a previous client search online for reviews. The internet is full of people eager to leave positive and negative feedbacks of their experiences. Seeing what other people are saying can give you an idea of how it will be for you.

4. Licensed Assistant/Partner

You might like it if your relator was literally by your side throughout the whole process of buying or selling a home, but that is just not going to happen. Because your realtor probably has a family and enjoys going on vacation from time to time they may not always be available. Having a realtor with a licensed assistant is critical for times when you need help right away and your realtor is out of town .

5. Passionate

You wouldn’t trust a careless uninvolved doctor to operate on you so why would you let a real estate agent that doesn’t really care about real estate try to sell your home? You wouldn’t! Find an agent that has a passion for buying and selling properties. This will make a world of difference throughout this stressful process. Find someone that is willing to go the extra mile for you.

A real estate agent that meets the criteria listed above will be a realtor you can trust to do your business If you happen to be looking for homes in St. George Utah, go to buyutah2.wpengine.com to connect with Keller Williams St. George and consider it done!

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