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What matters most?

So you are thinking about moving and buying a new home. There are a lot of details that come into play when deciding where to move within a new area. Maybe you care about the quality of schools, or the view or maybe location relative to recreational places, and we haven’t even begun to talk about what you want the house to be like. Whatever you care about most getting what you want in a move is not always as easy as it seems. At Keller Williams we will help you find homes in St. George Utah that meet your expectations.

To help you have the best buying experience possible we put together a list of things that you should consider before buying your next new home. We will leave it up to you to decide the importance of each point because that varies greatly from one person to the next.

Home Layout

Chances are you have things that you like and dislike about different floor plans. If this is something that you feel most strongly about don’t even move on to evaluating all other considerations until you find that floor plan that works for you. If you are more flexible on the setup of your home consider finding the perfect location followed by the perfect home.


Where your children go to school really does matter to their future success. If you have children at home only search for homes in neighborhoods that are within in the boundaries of exceptional schools. For those with children see what people are saying about the schools in your new town. If you don’t have children or if all of your children are grown and moved out then this is not a point that you need to focus on. Washington County School District in St. George has great schools for your kids!

Transportation Access

Whether you plan on driving to work everyday or taking the city bus, you will want to find a home that has easy access for you. If end up buying a house far away from your work you are going to spent a large amount of time commuting to and from work and less time enjoying the new beautiful house that you just bought.


Find a community or a suburb that fits your lifestyle. If you want to live a slower pace life, find something in an area that is less busy and congested. If you want to live in a place that has lots of events and festivals find a community that has a strong tradition of these kinds of activities. Try to find a community that you feel apart of by just being you. Finding the right house in the wrong place isn’t going to leave you satisfied in the long run. You may like urban life better than suburban life better or visa-versa. Whatever you prefer make it a priority to find a home that is in a place that you will feel comfortable.

Whatever matters to you is most important when finding a home. Remember these 4 things and chances are you will end up in a place that you enjoy living. Homes in St. George Utah offer the perfect option to work, play and live!

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